Long Distance Relationship Problems And The Only Solution

Long distance relationship problems are real and emotionally challenging. It also needs lots of patience at both the ends to make it work. When you are in the relationship it is hard to make time for friends and relatives as we invest a lot of time in ‘making the relationship’. So, problems in long distance relationships are common.

Long distance relationships are common as people nowadays choose to move away from their home towns to fulfil their academic or career goals. These relationships mainly use the internet and other mediums of communication. There are some roadblocks that can still make them difficult to manage. Long distance relationship is difficult to maintain.

Parents man not approve it. There is no guarantee that it ends up as partners have planned.

If the partners live in a different time zone it would be difficult to communicate and keep the relationship alive. It requires a lot of patience by the partners to keep the relationship alive. Long distance relationship statistics show that the difference in opinion about commitment among partners makes it difficult to sustain in the long run.

Long Distance Relationships Go through a Lot of Problems…But you can make them Work

In case you are planning to be in a long distance relationship in the near future or if you are currently in long distance relationship, the following are some of the challenges that you might face.

Challenges That You Might Face:

1- The most common and expected challenge that partners can face in any sort of relationship is jealousy, As you will be spending more time with others and won’t be able to dedicate quality time with your partner. This can also cause doubt over the partner’s loyalty. Jealousy arises due to insecurity in a relationship or lack of trust. It is important for partners to discuss their anxieties and fears regarding the long-distance relationship. It is ok to openly express any sort of feeling rather than being labeled as over possessive. If you continue retaining your feelings to yourself without expressing them, the situation might turn worse.

2- As quoted ‘out of sight, out of mind’ creates insecurities in a long-distance relationship. Insecurities can be related to the partner’s commitment towards each other, financial security for their future life, the presence of some other person in the respective partner’s life can cause one feel ignored and insecure. It is advisable to clear such anxieties by dedicating a good amount of time in discussing their near future such as get-togethers, vacations and start planning about future goals such as marriage. Such discussions will improve the bonding between the partners and gives the feeling of security to both. It is important to discuss common aspects like how much transparency is required, how much and when to contact each other, expectations and concerns regarding this relationship. This will provide a good insight to both the partners about how to get along with the relationship.

Not being with your Long Distance Partner May feel lonely

3- It is difficult to keep track of numerous changes happening in partners’ life when they live away from each other. Change is the common thing that constant. When partners meet each other after a very long time, there could be a situation where you feel your partner to be a new person altogether. For a partner who has moved to a different geographical location, the new place may bring in a lot of lifestyle changes which may change their views regarding their future goals, relationships. This change might have a negative impact on their relationship. It is important for the partners to accept each other’s change to continue their relationship. This is the reason why most people fail with long distance relationships.

4- Frequent meet-up is not possible in long distance relationship which definitely affects physical intimacy among the partners. Depending on the comfort level’s of both the partners it is important to have open and clear discussions about having other sexual partners outside of one’s relationship. In order to satisfy the physical needs of the person, it might be possible that the respective partner might have an affair and this might cause trust issues between the partners.

5- Partners in long distance relationship may engage themselves in regular conversations. But these conversations gradually turn to routine discussions and be devoid of feelings. In order to make meaningful communication, it is important to express out each other’s feelings. You can abort the monotony in communication and make it more happening use different modes of communication like email, chats or handwritten letters. You can also recollect sweet memories spent together and observe how it affects the person emotionally and physically. Recollecting the positive memories help to relive the past and help partners to strengthen the relationship.

6- For the people who are in a long distance relationship, managing it can be a huge task. One might feel pressured to handle all responsibilities themselves. These kinds of situations can be handled by discussing the same with your partners.

How to tackle these problems?

Nothing in this world is as easy as it seems but it isn’t impossible either. Problems in long distance relationships doesn’t mean that they can’t work at all. Every problem has a solution and in the same way, long distance relationships can be successful if we put in a little more efforts. Apart from love, honesty, loyalty and effective communication between the two partners can strengthen the relationship. If two partners are not ready to give up on their love, they can make it happen.

So, if any of the above problems occur in your relationship, call up your partner, and discuss the solutions (not the problems). Try to keep your ego away, and don’t jump into the blame game. Being empathetic with the other person is the key.